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For experienced and reliable piano moving services, trust Faithful Moving. Whether it's an upright piano or a grand piano, even when navigating stairs, we understand that pianos require meticulous care and maintenance. Recognizing the significant investment, you want them handled with utmost precision. Brother Movers is the foremost authority in the Bay Area and long-distance moving for pianos. Let us handle the job with expertise and care, ensuring the safe transport and storage of your valuable instrument.

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Grand Piano

When it comes to piano moving, the crucial aspect is the packing of the piano. This involves wrapping the piano in a series of blankets to prevent scuffing or gouging of the surface (considering that refinishing a piano can be highly expensive). The second most important task for a piano mover is ensuring that the piano is moved in a manner that avoids any damaging bumps or scrapes. A reputable piano mover will possess specialized tools for the job, including a piano dolly (a heavy-duty 4-wheeled dolly with uni-directional wheels designed to support the piano's weight) and a piano board (a long board to which the piano is securely strapped for the purpose of transportation).

Upright Piano

Upright Piano: An upright piano can range in weight from 300 to 900 pounds (136.1 to 408.2 kilograms). Moving an item of this size necessitates the assistance of several individuals. It is essential to proceed with caution, taking the necessary time to ensure the piano, as well as other furniture, walls, and floors, is not damaged during the process. Improper lifting poses a risk of bodily injury. Our top-notch professional movers are dedicated to making this process both easy and safe for you.

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